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Payment Plans

Rossoe offers a full range of services to help finance your oil, service, and equipment needs.

HOMEOWNERS: We offer Homeowners three types of Payment Terms on approval of credit.

·30 Day Charge Accounts -  Pay balance within 30 days. Finance charge will be assessed on any balance not paid within 30 days of closing date of monthly statement.

·Flexible Credit Terms - Customers agrees to pay not less than  1/4 (25%)* of new balance within 30 days of closing date of monthly statement, subject to a finance charge on any remaining unpaid balance.

·12-Month Level Payment Plan – Customer may pay 12 equal monthly payments with no finance charge.  Monthly payment amount subject to change due to a change in price or consumption.  Upon approval, other purchases may be added to the level payment plan.

RENTERS:   Upon approval of credit, we can open a charge account for the oil. For renters on our 150 gallon 'Call First' program, our billing is at the end of the month. We require one third prepaid on each delivery and you have 30 days from the bill to pay the balance in full. Full payment is due before another delivery can be ordered.

We offer easy payment plans so that you may choose the method best for you and your budget. The choice is always yours.