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Monitor Oil Heater

Monitor Oil Heater

Vented Heating Systems

Monitors' sealed combustion system prevents the main cause of inefficiency-infiltration. Because Monitor's use outside air for combustion, no cold outside air is drawn into the house as drafts.

Monitor 441 and 422 are kerosene fueled (High quality, low sulphur, No. 1, stove oil), direct vented heating systems. These systems are the latest in a 16 year old line of unique heating appliances. Tens of thousands of Monitors are heating homes from Maine to California, from Georgia to Alaska.

All combustion air brought into the sealed unit from outside and all exhaust gases are expelled to the outside. No cold infiltration air, no fumes - just comfortable, affordable heat.

A four-time/four-temperature programmable thermostat controls the environment of the home. Dependable, efficient climate control.